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Sculpture & ME!, (cargo nets, shoelaces, yarn, rubber, human hair, paper, etc.) by Colby Brewer

& ME!, (cargo nets, shoelaces, yarn, rubber, human hair, paper, etc.)

&ME! is a two-part, layered collaboration, a sculpture and drawing hybrid of sorts. Artists Sheila Pepe and Colby Brewer work in the overlapping areas that exist between drawing and sculpture. An initial collaboration took place between Brewer and Pepe, who transformed the empty gallery space into both a walk-in environment and psychological playground. Brewer connected and hung four cargo nets, bifurcating the space and altering it's functionality, from the top of one wall to the bottom of the opposite wall. Brewer also made a ceiling to floor wall drawing with rubber hoses connected to the nets. Pepe then crocheted shoelaces together and hung them over, under and through the nets creating the second “layer.” Public participants then began hanging or tying their additions to and through the nets and web creating the final colorful layer. Throughout the exhibit the public is invited to add to the piece continuing their collaboration with the artists.